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What if you could combine fine cuisine, vintage art at an industry level?  Wouldn't that be a beautiful yet amazing experience?    Well, Painter Chocolate Girls Art strives to help you get there.  Sharing anywhere from food to how to turn your creations into art.  But that's not all, we also strive to help you share the vision to an industry level so that many others can enjoy the plethora of creativity that is out there.   Of course, many times a few special kitchen equipment and tools are needed, and that's why you'll find much of those resources within this site.

But just in case you have difficulty finding the right chef's knife or the perfect glassware, then all you need to do is make use of the search bars you'll see all over the site.

So lets get started.  Shall we begin by sharing a few sample artistic ideas?  Here you go

And if you're wondering if anyone is doing this already, here is an example of a very real life restaurant that is putting this very concept into use:

At first glance, visitors to Laguna may not realize the extent of great food or the depth of culinary talent that awaits them in a myriad of surrounding Laguna Beach restaurants. In a town with seven miles of rugged awe-inspiring coastline, incredibly creative annual art festivals, and some of the best scuba diving on the California coast, it's not surprising that people come from all over to bask in the natural beauty of the beaches and bluffs in Laguna, but what they soon find is a diverse selection of unique laguna beach dining choices to tempt their tastebuds.

Culinary-ArtLaguna is not a very large town, but since its foundations it has nurtured artists to maximize their creative talents. Since 1930 crowds have been drawn to local artistic productions including Pageant of the Arts, Festival of the Arts, and the Sawdust Festival overflowing with paintings, sculpture, photography and virtually every kind of integrated artwork that one can imagine. And in a town as creative as this, the local chefs in many Laguna Beach restaurants continually develop inspired works of art using food as their canvas.

Studio at the Montage is exactly one of these restaurants. Award-winning chef Craig Strong, who has delighted diners across the nation and demonstrated his skills in Barcelona, developed a succulent menu of incredible tastes. If you're ready to indulge, consider the sample plate which includes an expansive selection of tastes which will virtually guarantee that you'll be returning to Studio on your next visit. Innovative chef Miki Izumisawa at Fusion242 elevates the preparation and creative display of sushi to an artform. Each colorful dish is an ingeniously intricate creation that will amaze both your eyes and your tastebuds. Before eating here, many people aren't aware that someone could transform the freshest cuts of seafood, into such culinary masterpieces.

Many other Laguna Beach restaurants feature cuisine that resonates with certain cultural influences. For example, Aegean Cafe is a fantastic Greek restaurant that serves incredibly authentic Greek dishes. This restaurant goes even further and fully immerses visitors in the tastes, sounds, and sights of Greece. Mozambique blends tastes from the African coast to satisfy any appetite. One step inside Eva's Caribbean Restaurant instantly transports visitors to a Jamaican paradise complete with steel drum music, bright paintings, and even ocean breezes. Fortunately, the experience gets even better as you sample the fare, just be careful you may leave with beads and dreadlocks in your hair singing and ire song!