Chocolate Perfection with Michel Roux Jr BBC Full Documentary 2014

Chocolate Perfection with Michel Roux Jr Michel Roux Jr sets out to discover the secret of chocolate – not just why we’re addicted to this sublime and complex foodstuff, but its rich and varied history, from a sacred drink of Aztec emperors to the aphrodisiac of choice at the court of Louis XIV in Versailles. For Michel the best Read more

Tyson Beckford Strips For “Chocolate City”

Move over “Magic Mike,” Tyson Beckford shows that the upcoming “Chocolate City” is a male-stripper-force to be reckoned with! Read more

MV Chocolate – Trang Pháp

Chocolate MV HD Sáng tác: Trang Pháp Dancer: ĐAM MÊ dance crew Hòa âm: Dương Khắc Linh Ost Âm mưu giày cao gót nhọn Read more

Baking Milk & White Chocolate Cookies! | Tanya Burr

Baking the yummiest cookies ever! It’s time to get your bake on guys! If you make my cookies, tweet me photos of or post them on instagram using the hashtag #BakingWithTanyaBurr Thank you for watching, I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH xxxxxx ________________________ INGREDIENTS YOU WILL NEED: 200g butter 300g caster sugar 1 egg 325g self raising flour Read more

TuTiTu Songs- Chocolate Song

TuTiTu Songs – Toddlers sing along & learn new words! More original songs: FREE Games & printable coloring pages: Numbers & Letters activity ideas: Stay updated with Facebook! Everything Read more